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OX PRO Series Easy Start Handsaw

by editor

The trusty old hand saw is still a go-to in plenty of situations for many tradies, and if, like me, you have had to reach for a saw only to find a blunt, rusty old blade that feels like you’re pulling through concrete, then the new OX Easy Start handsaw is for you.

I’ll start out by saying I’m a fan of the OX range.

I can remember when it first hit stores and you were lucky to find a few shelves of OX gear. Today you can find entire shopping aisles full of OX products. But it’s not just the size of the range that is impressive, it’s the quality of the equipment and innovations that stand out for me.

The new Easy Start handsaw is a prime example. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to achieve a clean, quality cut with a dull old blade. So, Ox has produced a top-quality, engineered, 8TPI and 65NM blade configuration that produces top-shelf performance with razor-sharp cutting capability.

But it’s the 13TPI at the very front and rear of the blade, along with the low-friction coating, that make this a true easy-start hand saw. The smaller, closer-together 13TPI teeth are easy to see and are perfect to get cuts started with precision and ease.

Designed for softwood applications like pine, the speed and accuracy from the superfine teeth, without slips or chips, is immediately obvious when it’s time to cut, and the concept behind the Tuff Coated Blade design is the same as a powered circular saw: the coating reduces heat, drag, expansion, stick and friction for superior cutting efficiency. That means more superior cuts with less effort.

Finally, the saw features an ergonomically designed OX Grip handle for all-day comfort and control, hardened teeth for durability, and a protective TPR Insert.

To really test this easy-start feature we grabbed 3 or 4 varied sections of pine, made a pencil line and ripped into some cutting. My preference was to sit the very front of the blade on the right of the pencil line and use an aggressive short series of push and pulls to initially stay on the 13TPI section of the saw, then open up into longer strokes using the entire length of the blade.

I also enlisted the help of carpenter Cam to rip through a few cuts. We both found the easy-start feature exactly that – very easy to start and cut.

When asking Cam about the ergonomics and grip of the saw he shared, “It feels really well moulded into the hand when gripping andreally powering up with the saw. It didn’t stick or grab at any stage and allowed absolutely spot-on clean and straight cuts across all three sizes tested today, up to 240mm.”

Every tradie has produced a couple of ugly handsaw cuts in their time, but there was absolutely none of that with the OX Easy Start handsaw. OX has done a great job at introducing various features which have combined to produce a handsaw with impressive results and cutting capabilities.

Visit: www.oxtools.com.au

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