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OX PRO Aluminium Kevlar® Chalk Reel Combo

by editor

Precise chalk lines are an integral part of any job and just about every tradie would have snapped the line on their chalkie at some point, either from abrasion or perhaps moisture deteriorating the line itself. OX has solved the problem by using a new, abrasion-resistant 1mm x 30m Kevlar®braided line. Other features include a 6:1 gear ratio for quick reel in – one of the fastest – a push-button clutch which preserves gears during line extraction, a felt gasket to prevent chalk spillage and an even chalk coating on the line. An improved OX-horn hook and a durable steel crank wrap up the main features.

Along with a new, tough, aluminium case made to withstand challenging jobsite conditions, the PRO chalk reel looks like it’ll handle the most challenging environments. OX says this reel will be one of the toughest on the market, and we set out to see just how accurate this claim was.

Making accurate chalk-line markings might seem easy enough, but it’s a combination of features built into the marking tool that give consistent and precise results. The shape of the OX chalk reel is nice. It fits really well into the hand when holding and marking lines, and ergonomically does a great job, especially when holding the line tight in one hand and releasing the string line with the other to make the mark.

The line itself is also great to work with. When I first read OX had used a Kevlar® braided line, I thought it might be stiffer or less responsive to work with, but that wasn’t the case at all. The braided line both pulled and released well, creating clear, bold lines that were crisp and sharp to the eye.

To test build quality and longevity of the OX I decided it was time to bring back the drop test.

The site was a multi-level concrete build and the drop height was between 6m and 7m from a third-level scaffolding onto hard, compacted ground. I figured dropping the OX several times and generally tossing it around would be a thorough test of its durability, well and truly exceeding any real-world treatment.

We dropped, kicked, and did our best to really knock the OX around, and I’m happy to say that, other than some minor surface damage to the aluminium case and reinforced handle, the tool was proven to be very sturdy.

Extension and retraction of the line was perfect and retrieval was as smooth as prior to the drop testing. The reinforced handle didn’t bend or twist at all.

In terms of build quality, you can’t ask for more than that.

The OX Pro Aluminium Kevlar® Chalk Reel took an absolute beating in our test and continued to work and perform exactly as it did straight out of the packaging. Its build quality is OX Tuff, and through its features and ergonomic design it not only felt great to use, it performed very well.

This chalkie will meet or exceed the expectations of the majority of tradies by a good margin.

The bonus 115gm chalk refill is also going to keep you well stocked with chalk for quite some time.

Visit: www.oxtools.com.au

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