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Ever thought of taking down a boar? WTW looks into the world of hunting in Australia.

Words Marcus Hucker


For us Blokes out there, there is a high likelihood that you were messing with guns and bows since before you can remember. Conditioned early, you probably got your first cap gun at around the tender age of five with the chaps and sheriff’s badge to match and no doubt, you hassled your mum and dad soon after for the bow and arrow set in the Show-bag you always wanted.

Two common forms of recreational hunting are shooting and bow hunting, the former needing a license to hold a firearm. Most hunting conducted in Australia is for the eradication of introduced pests and although most states and territories legislation on hunting differs, almost all, except where otherwise stated, allow and sometimes encourage the hunting of pest species which include feral goats, feral pigs, hares, rabbits, deer and foxes at the permission of the landowner.

The team from Lock N Load Firearms on the Central Coast of NSW were more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise on the subject as well as expert Ralph Boden from Fulldraw Archery.

More about shooting and bowhunting on the latest issue of What Tradies Want.

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