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Jaan Roose is a fearless slacklining champion from Estonia. Roosty star ted walkin’ the wobbley wope at the age of 18 and is a three-time world champion. He’s got a swag of world records and world-firsts, so he’s a bit of a legend in the slacklining world – which, let’s be honest, probably has fairly limited horizons.

Even so, Jaan – pronounced ‘Yaaaarn’ – is also the first and only athlete to do a double backflip on the ol’ stringline – which we think is what’s going on here. It’s hard to tell from a single pic.

On several occasions he’s been a stuntman in Hollywood film projects, notably Assassin’s Creed, and we bow down in abject awe at that alone.

We have no idea why he’s boinging around over this yabby pond, nor where the yabby pond is. But it’s a pretty speccy pic.

Kudos, Jaanus Ree. Nice work with the camera, Bloke.

And onya, Roosty. Way to greet an Estonian sunrise.

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