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Oliver 65 Series – 100% Waterproof And Caustic Resistant!

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The Oliver 65 series is hard to beat, offering everything needed to last in some of Australia’s harshest environments.

The 65 series was designed after listening to customers’ needs for a boot that is tough and will last longer in very harsh conditions. Being 100% waterproof and having a puncture-resistant insole, the 65 series keeps your feet dry and safe all day long.

A key feature of the Oliver 65 series is the use of 100% waterproof, premium full-grain leather, heavy-duty coated leather or Cordura in the build of the boot. That ensures the ultimate in durability for harsh environments like construction, mining, food processing, drilling/boring industries, recycling/waste management and anywhere that could experience high wet areas or a caustic type environment.

All 65 series boots feature a 300ºC heat-rated nitrile rubber outsole with deep tread pattern offering superior grip and stability. They’re ideal for those working in a high-heat environment like welding or hot asphalt. The 65-791 and 65-493 also feature the PORON XRD metatarsal guard to give extra protection in the metatarsal area of your foot.

All this matched with a type-1 toe cap.

To know more about Oliver products visit www.oliver.com.au

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