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Off Grid Tools Survival Axe

by admin

Imagine unsheathing this scar y- A-F bugger to lop the end off a juicy T-bone after a few rum-and-cokes at the next campfire.

It’d be worth having one just to do that and see the looks on everyone’s faces, but this is a serious bit of survival gear. The marketing material claims 31 survival features, and, as always, our marketing chums are a bit optimistic in their views. A seat-belt cutter? Seriously? If anyone were trapped in a burning car wreck and incapable of freeing themselves, we suggest approaching that person while swinging one of these things would be unlikely to ease any anxiety they may be feeling.

Anyway, the claimed list of features includes a changeable 6″ bi-metal saw blade, a lightweight fibre-reinforced handle, the seat-belt cutter and glass breaker, a gas-valve wrench with bottle opener, a variety of hex sockets, a hammer head, pry bar, and nail claw.

We struggled to find one in Australia. Plenty of websites have them listed, but all except one were marked out of stock. The only store with current stock was extac. com.au on the Goldie in Queensland. They only had one, and we’re seriously tempted to grab it ourselves…we haven’t decided yet.

The asking price is $185. If it’s gone when you log on you’ll know where it is.

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