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No-Squeeze Riveting

by editor

AEG continues to expand its range of innovative tools with the introduction of an 18V Compact Rivet Tool (BPN18-0), available just after tax time.

Roofers, plumbers, metal fabricators, panel beaters and other trades will all benefit from this lightweight tool that uses the same AEG 18V batteries as other power tools and garden equipment.

This compact riveter delivers an impressive 11kN pull force and has a rivet capacity of 2.4mm-4.8mm for aluminium, steel, and stainless-steel rivets.

The removable mandrel catcher holds up to 300 1/8″ mandrels and has an inbuilt wrench. When the mandrel catcher is removed, the ultra-compact power-screw mechanism is one of the shortest in the market, with a width of only 156mm.

A built-in lanyard hook provides a safe option for hanging this tool when working at heights, while the LED sight light illuminates poorly lit work pieces.

At a glance, the features are:
• Compact brushed motor that delivers 11kN in pull force
• Holds up to 300 1/8″ mandrels
• Removable mandrel catcher with inbuilt wrench
• Inbuilt lanyard hook and LED sight light.

You’ll be able to grab one from Bunnings or TKD, or get it delivered direct to your site through the AEG Onsite team. Pre-order yours now by calling 1300 AEG ONSITE or visit www.aegonsite.com.au

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