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Nice Laundry Men’s Boxers

by editor

A good pair of undies is a vital part of any tradie’s kit. When there’s work to be done there’s no time for constantly plucking a pair of substandard Reg Grundies from between the arse cheeks or fidgeting around trying to ease nasty chafing around the groinular area.

It’s just as important for girls as it is for blokes, but when the editor saw us researching female options he went off his brain and we had to attend counselling and delete all the images.

So this one’s for the blokes.

Yank company Nice Laundry makes thunderdungers. There’s all the regular types and colours and so forth, but these men’s boxers are something a bit special.

First up, they’re made of cashmere.

We thought that was where the band Heavy-As-Lead Zeppelin crashed that blimp into the tower, but it turns out it’s very flash wool spun from goat hair. It must be fairly ritzy stuff, because these bum-huggers will set you back US$1000.
It’s true!

We thought we might’ve been having our legs pulled, but it does seem to be the real deal. They’re even available with little designs called monograms embroidered on them in 24-carat-gold thread.

You have to order them direct from Nice Laundry, so if you’re keen, grab a credit card – better use your own – and log on to nicelaundry.com.

Sorry, but we don’t have any information on skidmark resistance or ‘masculine support’, and we’re late for another session with the counsellor. You’ll have to do your own research on this one.

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