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New RYCO Vehichle Specific Fitment Kits

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Ryco has revolutionised the fitment of fuel/water separators & crankcase filters with a new product offering.

The fitment of fuel/water separator and crankcase filters (catch cans) to diesel-powered vehicles has become a popular way to add extra engine protection from contaminants like water in fuel and chemical build up from PCV gases.

These engines employ a crankcase breather, known as a PCV valve, which relieves pressure generated inside an operating engine by venting back into the air intake to re-burn and reduce emissions. PCV gases contain several components such as oil, water and soot that contaminate the engine’s air-intake system over time. Without this chemical sludge being properly filtered, the engine will suffer power loss, increased fuel consumption and will need expensive maintenance.

However, the installation of these filters has been problematic due to the use of universal-type mounting brackets and limited engine-bay space.

Thanks to Ryco, and the release of easy-to-fit Ryco Vehicle Specific Fitment Kits (RVSK) for a range of popular diesel vehicles, this has now been rectified. Designed and tested in Australia for Australian conditions, the RVSKs can mount either or both fuel/water separator and crankcase filters, while allowing for second batteries, and have been rigorously tested under high-temperature, towing and off-road conditions.

Speak to the customer-service team on 1800 804 541

For more information go to www.rycofilters.com.au

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