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New EHL 65 EQ one-handed planer from Festool

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Festool has released a schmick new planer, the EHL 65 EQ (to replace the EHL 65) which uses an inclined spiral blade to focus on smooth, easy, one-handed planing . In addition to the surface finish, an emphasis was placed on further optimising the ergonomics, precision and speed of the machine.

Smooth planing pattern

Festool continues to focus on an inclined spiral blade and a drawing cut, that generates a particularly quiet, paring action that cuts its way smoothly through the wood and does not “impact” into the wood head-on like classic blades. Festool says the fine cutting depth setting of 0 to 4 millimeters and a maximum rebate depth of 23 millimeters also make the planer unbeatable in terms of speed and versatility and finished surface quality.

Amazing ergonomicsEHL65EQ_03

WTW understand the new planer has a compact design and 30 per cent lower weight than equivalent electric planers, even though the original EHL was already one of the lightest, flattest planers in its class. Festool says some details affecting handling have been radically reworked, such as the new softgrip and the one-button operation feature, which allows for an altogether more comfortable working experience as well as greater ease of use for both right and left handers.

Cleaner and quieter

Festool says the inclined cut has significantly reduced the noise generated by the machine while efficient dust extraction maintains a healthy work environment and reduces the amount of cleaning work necessary. The extractor hose can be connected to the left or right depending on requirements, thereby providing greater freedom of movement. Another new feature is the plug-it mains cable that allows the user to change machines in an instant.

Excellent in a system

Festool state that the EHL 65 EQ’s outstanding ergonomics, surface quality and precision make the new planer ideal as an assembly planer for trimming work as well as planing carcasses, trim, skirting, infill panels and doors. Festool also offers matching accessories for the new EHL 65, such as the stationary bench unit, rebate depth stop, parallel stop and chip collection bag. The new planer is available now.

Visit www.festool.com.au for further information.

Technical data for one-handed planer EHL 65 EQ

Power consumption                      720 W

Rotational speed                           15,600 rpm

Planing width                                65 mm

Planing depth                                0 – 4 mm

Max. rebate depth                        23 mm

Dust extractor connection          Diameter 27 and 36 mm

Noise at idling speed                    76 dB(A)

Weight                                             2.4 kg

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