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New Crown C-G/C-D IC Forklift Range Unveiled

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Crown has launched an updated version of its proven C-G and C-D series 2.0- to 3.5-tonne internal-combustion lift-truck ranges, providing customers with improved performance, comfort, safety and low running costs.

The new C-G and C-D series, available with both diesel and LPG engine options, and lift capacities ranging from 2000kg to 3500kg, is replacing Crown’s previous Pro 5 series range.

The launch of the C-G and C-D series coincides with Crown celebrating 20 years of internal-combustion-engine lift-truck sales in the country. Those sales began in 1998 and have expanded to include models with capacities up to 25 tonnes.

The C-G and C-D Series highlights a number of evolutionary upgrades, inspired by customer feedback, which build on the strengths of the Pro 5 Series.

Those refinements include a new counterweight body with better airflow to aid cooling, ergonomic upgrades for comfort, improved visibility through-mast on 2.0- and 2.5-tonne models, and an all-new analogue dashboard for easier function monitoring.

Tried-and-proven LPG and diesel engines power the 7-series models, delivering a combination of proven reliability and up-to-the-minute features.

The Yanmar 3.3-litre, direct-injection diesel engine powering the C-D series delivers 44 kilowatts of power and 181 Newton-metres of torque at 1600rpm, delivering strong response at low engine speeds. It meets Euro Stage IIIA compliance or EPA Interim Tier IV standards for low emissions.

Featuring a valve train that requires no valve-lash adjustment, the Mitsubishi LPG engine in the C-G series develops 49 kilowatts and 183 Newton-metres at 2000rpm. Its camshaft and balance-shaft designs result in smooth operation for reduced operator fatigue.

The C-G and C-D series’ power plants are aided by increased cooling from the new counterweight body, which helps it perform better in hot Australian conditions. Both engines breathe through dual-element air cleaners designed to extend engine life by preventing contaminants entering the combustion chamber.

Numerous other features that have helped the Pro 5 series earn its reputation for reliability have been retained. These include its oil-cooled disc-brake system, Powershift transmission and top-mounted control valve to modulate clutch oil pressure for long transmission life.

For more information on the Crown internal combustion range please visit www.crown.com 

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