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New Chalk Reels From Crescent Lufkin Relieve Pain Points For Pro Users

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Crescent Lufkin is launching its new line of chalk reels, designed to erase the most common problems with the competition’s products.

With the latest developments, Crescent Lufkin chalk reels offer the professional tradesperson the ultimate in quality and innovation. From 6:1 rewind ratio Professional Reels to 3:1 & 1:1 rewind-ratio Compact Reels, every product is designed and engineered to provide superior performance with features that make it both easy to use and exceptionally dependable. Add the new offering of high-visibility chalk and a tradesperson has an unbeatable chalk and chalk-reel performance combination. The revolutionary new 30m Professional Chalk Reel (CLO100) has three innovative features that put it ahead of any other reel on the market: a one-way valve makes refilling quick and clean, a locking hub makes snaps neat and fast, and a nesting end hook ends tool-bag tangle.

The reel also has a 6:1 rewind ratio for faster retraction and braided line for better chalk retention. Use it with the new Crescent Lufkin chalk and get sharp, accurate lines on every snap.

Crescent Lufkin also introduced new Hard Mark Blue Chalk, a high-brightness chalk that is 3X more visible than normal chalk. The full chalk line-up includes three colours (226g/8oz and 1.15kg/2.5oz options) for a variety of user needs.

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