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New Apprentices: Right Fit For Your Business

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Taking on New Apprentices, Choose The Right Fit For Your Business

You’ve just landed a new project, or you’re looking to expand your business in the coming year. Whatever the reason, you’ll be faced with the common conundrum of who to hire next.

Apprenticeships provide a terrific opportunity for young people to gain practical training and knowledge in the building industry. Choosing to take on an apprentice allows you to develop your workers’ skills according to your business standards – just the way you want, meaning you’re helping to shape the future of the building industry.

On the other hand, the wrong choice can be damaging, effect team dynamics or result in lost time and money. So, where do you start?

With HIA Apprentices you’ll have a strong business partner in managing apprenticeships through to successful completion. HIA will hire the apprentice and remain their legal employer for the duration of the apprenticeship, and if work falls away, HIA can place them elsewhere.

HIA will take care of things like:

  • Recruiting the right apprentice for your business
  • Completing a full induction and providing basic safety equipment
  • Managing their training and development
  • Wages and entitlements like leave accruals and superannuation
  • Providing ongoing coaching and support for both you and your apprentice.

HIA can manage your apprentices, or you can choose from one of their preselected apprentices. Partnering with HIA will give you the assurance, time and flexibility to concentrate on what’s important to your business.

For more information visit www.hia.com.au/apprentices

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