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New Access Lifts Set The Green Standard For JLG

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New access lifts set the green standard for JLG

Eco Lifts from JLG are innovative, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional access products. Featuring a patented stored-power lift/lower system, they require no batteries, on-site power, or hydraulics.

This game-changing feature means EcoLifts deliver trouble-free, clean, green operation with no need for hydraulic oil and no leak points. They have low maintenance requirements, run at a low total operating cost and offer the potential for 24/7 use.

With their robust construction, EcoLifts are ideal for the rental market. There are two models in the series. The EcoLift 50 has a platform height of 1.5m and a working height of 3.5m, while the EcoLift 70 features a 2.2m platform height and a working height of 4.2m.

Both models include a rust-free aluminium platform with a rated capacity of 150kg, a robust steel mast and a sturdy base with non-marking automatic locking wheels for greater confidence while working with both hands. In addition, both feature a diamond tread platform with tool tray and self-closing saloon gate.

EcoLifts are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, aged-care facilities and hazardous environments. They are suitable for a range of applications including commercial and residential painting, facility maintenance, displays and decorating, HVAC maintenance, renovations and remodeling, plant maintenance and more.

Quiet, simple and safe to use, EcoLifts set the standard for eco-friendly access equipment.

For more information visit https://www.jlg.com/en-au

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