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Muama Enence Translator

by admin

Looking a bit like an old iPod, the Enence translator will instantly translate over 40 different languages.

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to have it translating over 40 of the same languages, would it? But that’s the way our marketing chums speak, and maybe the Enence can translate what they’re trying to say, too.

Basically, the user holds down button A and speaks into the device. Faster than you can say ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’, releasing the button has the device sharing your wisdom in another language, supposedly fluently and without any misunderstanding. The foreign bloke – or sheila – then listens. The user holds down button B and the second party says whatever they want in their language. Releasing the button then swiftly translates to English and plays it back.

So someone in desperate need of a toilet in, say, Tokyo, could attract the attention of a nearby Tokyokel and ask, “Geez, mate. I’ve got one in the departure lounge. Seriously, I’m touching cloth. Where’s the nearest crapper, eh?” The Japanese citizen would listen to the translation, speak his answer into the Enence, and the translation would supposedly come up instantly.

We’d love to give one a try because we think the result would be hilarious, but we could only find them online from overseas stores.

The price looks to be around US$90, and if you’re chasing one, try www.enence.com

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