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Movember Monopoly

by admin

It probably seems a little late for this one, but the media info doesn’t say there’s a cut-off date for the promotion, so if you charge into Big Dub and can find a Movemberthemed Monopoly game, Hasbro Pacific, the game’s maker, will chuck $5.00 at the Movember charity.

That’s awesome!
The good ol’ Monopoly we all loved as kids has undergone a tune-up for this great cause. Instead of electricity companies, waterworks and train stations, players can purchase barber shops, moustaches and men’s-health programs. And instead of the boot, racing car, iron and top-hat tokens, there’s now stuff like a moustache, barber chair, motorcycle helmet, skateboard, sneakers, guitar plectrum and panel van – hopefully a 1974 Sandman (we don’t know, we’re just hoping).

The locations on the board have also been changed from the boring Pommy ones to beaut local places like The Metro and Martin Place.

It’s as Aussie as paying a toll to drive in and around the capital cities your taxes built. Grab one from Big W for $49 and do your bit for awareness of facial hair.

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