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Move On UP

by admin

Yankee climber Sasha DiGiulian – possibly a direct descendant of that bloke stranded on an island when his boat got blown off course on a three-hour trip in the 1960s, we just don’t know – is a bit of a rock climber, and recently decided to have a crack at ice climbing instead.

She and her bestie, Angela VanWiemeersch, clamped on the cramp-ons to tackle the below-n’s Upper

Peninsula, cleverly known as ‘The UP’. DiGiulian reckons she learned how to use and negotiate ice tools in just two weeks, and told bored reporters ice climbing was ‘enchanting, beautiful and engaging’.

Good onya, Sash. If your ancestor had had half your gumption he and The Skipper would’ve patched up the Minnow and been off that island in a flash.

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