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Mirka LEROS-Long Electric Random Orbital Sander

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It’s not often a single product has the potential to shake up an industry with ground-breaking changes, but the Mirka LEROS-Long electric random orbital sander has done it.

When it comes to getting exceptional ultrafine finishes, control and performance are the order of the day, and that’s what the Mirka system delivers. Weighing in at only 3.5kg, this sander is significantly lighter than any other product in the market. When combined with the amazing 180-degree flexibility, the user enjoys complete comfort and control.

Now let’s be clear: this Mirka LEROS system is the world’s lightest – and first brushless – electric random orbital wall and ceiling sander. The inclusion of the random orbital sanding system stops sanderpulling the unit in a specific direction, and that means the sander doesn’t drag the operator in the direction of rotation. The random orbital system takes the hard work out of controlling the unit.

Dust-free sanding is thanks to the two suction points mounted on the shroud which pull the dust and air through the many vents on the pad itself. The Abranet sanding disks quickly draw the dust through, thanks to their mesh-like structure which makes them look more like a flyscreen than a sanding disk. They last significantly longer, sand quicker and provide a substantially cleaner environment than a traditional sanding pad.

To help with this test, I caught up with Robbie, a talented plasterer from Level FIVE interiors, who put the Mirka LEROS system and Mirka vacuum through their paces. Robbie shared, “The first thing I noticed when using the LEROS system was its light weight and 180- degree flexible head. You realise how limited previous sanders have been after spending some time on the LEROS. The finish would have to be the best I have seen. There are no scratches, and the system does an amazing job at capturing the dust when sanding. It’s pretty amazing actually.”

Comfort and control are massive positives of this system. The operator doesn’t have to work anywhere near as hard to control the LEROS as they would with other sanders. That means less fatigue and less potential for the repetitive-strain injuries which are possible on other heavier and less-flexible systems, especially on large projects.

A brilliant app called ‘My Mirka’ has also been developed, allowing users to track longterm vibration and measure speed in realtime from their mobile device. One of the app’s main features is to offer a simple way to protect the hands of users from overuse by tracking vibration and exposure through the sensor mounted in the LEROS itself. It also enables the user to set the maximum runtime, lock and limit speed, register for the 2+1 warranty, find the latest news from Mirka, download brochures and manuals, and contact Mirka.

“The control and precision provided by the LEROS due to its light weight and 180-degree flexible head combine beautifully,” said Robbie, “enabling top-level sanding control.” “But another big factor in the sanding quality is the 225mm Abranet sanding disks. These disks are more like a fine mesh which retains its sanding edge without wearing out like traditional sanding disks. Being a mesh, the dust easily pulls through the tiny gaps for impressive dust-free sanding. The Abranet disks look like they will save a pile of time and money due to their superior quality, as well as providing a clean and healthy worksite that homeowners and other trades will appreciate,” he explained.

When you factor in the impact that heavy and unforgiving tools can have on your body over your career, the LEROS system is set to have a hugely positive impact on the plastering and painting trades. There is simply nothing else like it in the market. It’s a world’s-first product evolved from the commercial auto and painting industries and has been very cleverly adapted into the LEROS system for residential trades.

It’s the depth of features within the LEROS system that makes it such a powerful ceiling and wall sander. If you are a painter or plasterer and have long-term plans of staying in the industry, do yourself a favour and experience the significant benefits this system will have on your body from the first use.

Product enquiries PH: 1300 745 536 or buy online at www.tenaru.com.au

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