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Milwaukee Job Site Solutions

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Milwaukee has a national mobile Job Site Solution (JSS) team  established to assist large worksites increase productivity by streamlining processes and improving inventory control.

Catering mostly to larger sites with more than 50 people on the tools, the JSS team service mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, large engineering and construction teams  as well as plumbing and electrical data companies.

The head of the Milwaukee JSS division, James Ballantyne said the JSS team was all about streamlining systems in large construction sites.

The whole premise behind JSS is to add more value to our customers by bringing innovations and productivity,” he said.

James said the JSS crew comes to sites and immerse themselves in how that site operates and then implement a three-step assessment of power tool systems.

He said savings in time and money were potentially huge, citing an example of the potential elimination of the need for hot work permits when using their range of cold-cut saw and bandsaws that do not generate heat or sparks.

James added that Milwaukee offers a five-year warranty on tools and three-year warranty on batteries .

For more information on JSS visit www.milwaukeetools.com.au or call 1300 361 505

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