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MGI ZIP X5 Motorised Lithium Golf Buggy

by editor

If you’re struggling a bit with the cost of a game of golf – and it’s a very expensive pastime, let’s be honest you may not be able to afford one of those ritzy golf buggies everyone has in the movies. You might actually have to walk around the course.
No. There are people who really do that.

But you can take the edge off the unkind comments and general scorn from other people dressed in ridiculous and expensive clothes by at least not having to actually drag around a trolley that looks like a converted billycart.

The MGI Zip X5 is electric-powered, so there’s no need to exert even the tiniest effort to roll it along the flat, manicured Kikuyu. And for those sloping paths near the clubhouse bar the X5 has an automatic speed control. There’ll be no nasty bother with having to control it on the slope, either.

Flounce into the pro shop at any posh course and get them to order you one. Asking price is around $1300, which, compared to the green fees at swank clubs, is a par 3 on a straight fairway with a gentle breeze over your shoulder, no bunkers, and a coffee cart waiting next to the green.

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