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MARXMAN Holesaw Sets

by editor

Mar xman i s a new range of professional power-tool accessories which includes over 90 products, all designed to do the toughest jobs without breaking the bank.

A standout in the Marxman range are the new holesaw sets which can be split into two categories: Bi-Metal Holesaw sets and Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped (TCT) Holesaw sets. Both offer drilling in a wide range of materials, however, the TCT range offers a larger cutting depth, faster drilling speeds in wood and will also drill into abrasive materials like fibre cement with the right pilot drill bit. All sets come with the relevant pilot and arbors to get the job done without needing to purchase anything extra.

When you first see the holesaw sets the first thing you’ll notice is how good the cases are. These cases have been designed from the ground up to be strong and durable and house all your holesaws in a convenient, transparent case. The cases are also stackable, making them easy to store when not in use.

If you already have some old holesaws in your kit don’t stress. Marxman’s arbor system features an international thread pattern so you can fit your old gear on the Marxman holesaw arbors. What’s even better is the Marxman arbor system features a quick-release, making it easy to change between sizes so you can get back to the task at hand.

These sets, along with the entire Marxman range, can be found exclusively at all Total Tools stores, so get in store today and check out the range.


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