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Makita XGT 80V Max (40Vx2) Brushless 355mm Power Cut

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Makita has combined massive cutting capacity and with an innovative battery to make the XGT 80V Max (40Vx2) Brushless 355mm (14″) Power Cut a big hitter for a range of heavy-duty, highperformance, fume-free cutting scenarios.

This beast of a demo saw is perfect for a wide range of heavy-duty cutting applications, and it pairs up perfectly with an impressive range of 355mm Makita blades for cutting concrete, brick or steel. We had 3 different blades on hand: an abrasive wheel for metal & steel materials; a Quasar Segmented Diamond Blade suitable for reinforced concrete and multi-construction material – these are laminated for quieter cutting; and the E-12996 Segmented diamond blade, specifically designed for the XGT Power Cut, giving a longer runtime thanks to the narrow segment gullets creating less drag.

Also available is the Pressurized 10L Water Tank.

This portable water supply enables water suppression during masonry cuts to minimise dust without the restriction of proximity to a hose. Simply fill up the water tank and pump the handle to create pressure and provide a stream of water from the tank to the tool.

The XGT 80V Max is powered by an 80V Max (40Vx2) brushless motor, combining cordless mobility with powerful performance which eliminates fumes and noise – both health issues for users operating traditional petrol-powered power cuts.

Active Feedback-sensing Technology automatically shuts down the tool as soon as the rotation speed suddenly slows or kickback is sensed, increasing safety, and an ingress-protection rating IPx4 provides enhanced protection against water, allowing the tool to be used when wet and ensuring longevity.

Makita’s internal testing compared the Makita 4-Stroke Petrol saw (EK7651H) to the 80V Max. Both cut continuously at a depth of 50mm and the time required to cut across a 300mm wide section was measured. The results consistently showed the 80V Max produced up to 25% more power than its petrol equivalent.

An Anti-Vibration Housing and a spring absorption system reduce transferred vibration to directly improve usability and operator comfort.

When I dropped this saw off to Ben from FOX & CO I could tell by his expression he had his doubts about a battery demo saw and wasn’t immediately impressed.

After leaving the saw with him for 3 or 4 days, it was clear he had been won over by the XGT 80V Max Power Cut.

“This is one impressive saw,” he demolished. “The power delivered by the brushless motor and the 2x40V batteries has actually blown me away.

“Over the past 4 days we have cut through a slab and plenty of brickwork with the Quasar blade. The saw-and-blade combo just ate it all up with ease.”

Ben hardly drew a breath before continuing… “The handling of this saw was as impressive as the power,” he raved. “Holding it above your head to cut brick and block work is so much easier than with other petrol saws I have used. The saw cuts straight and beautifully and made clean cuts very easy. Safety features like the kickback control, electric brake, overload-indicator lamp and IPx4 all contribute to making this a safe and great product to use.”

He was clearly very impressed.

Working with water-fed demo saws with this level of power you really want features that bring usability and safety to the fore. This saw has plenty of both. But it’s the ease of cutting and impressive power that really make the Makita stand out. Then, when you factor in the huge power delivery, low vibration and fact there are no fumes when working in confined spaces, you have yourself one very impressive power tool.

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