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Makita XGT 80V (40Vx2) Max Brushless SDS Max Demolition Hammer

by editor

Breaking up small concrete slabs, pathways, walls and other masonrybased materials might not need a full-size jackhammer or may require a more manoeuvrable option that still needs to provide plenty of breakout force. Makita’s new 80V (40Vx2) Max Brushless SDS Max Demolition Hammer has the juice you are looking for with the added flexibility and manoeuvrability of a 13.3kg demo hammer.

The power and speed come from the two 40V Max XGT batteries which deliver impressive performance. An impact rate of 950-1900ipm, impact energy 20.9j, and speed and runtime to meet corded demands with a cordless experience make the Makita a standout. Speed on the new model (HM002G) is up 15% in comparison with the 240V AC model (HM1212C) to meet the demands of the heavy-load user.

The user comfort, technology and long lifespan come from a combination of the Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT), Autostart Wireless System (AWS) and eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT).

Let’s break these features down quickly. The Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) uses an internal counterbalance to actively reduce vibration, the Auto-start Wireless System (AWS) makes working with an equipped tool and Bluetooth-compatible dust extractor an effortless combination, and the eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) means internal motor components and electronics stay clean and free of dirt and water, which prolongs lifespan even under heavy use.

As anyone who has spent any real time on a demo hammer knows, power is awesome, but without the anti-vibration technology to go with it hands can go numb and fingers tingle for days after a decent stint using the tool.

To assist us with our testing on the 80V (40Vx2) Max Brushless SDS Max Demolition Hammer we caught up with Dan from Danstruct Constructions. With over 30years experience he offered some great insights during our testing. 

After letting Dan rip in and explore the tool in various new and older concrete sections he shared, “The beauty of a demo hammer of this size is the flexibility it brings with the obvious power. I quickly noticed a feature that Makita calls ‘constant speed control’ where when the electronics notice the hammer is under a challenging load, it automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete challenging tasks.

“I knew this tool had real power and expected it to break up the old slab onsite relatively easily, which it did, but it was the new slab we poured several weeks back with 40MPA concrete that would really test its power. So, I was impressed to say the least when it did such an impressive job at breaking down this new tough slab.”

Make no mistake, this 80V (40Vx2) Max Brushless SDS Max Demolition Hammer is built for serious concrete work. It’s not really light enough to work with overhead or above shoulder height. The skin only weighs 10.7kg and with batteries weighs 13.3kg. I’m a decent sized human and managed to throw it around reasonably well, bringing down a few chesthigh walls, but a smaller user would struggle. When asking Dan about who and where he saw this demo hammer being perfect for, he offered, “Any trade that has the requirement to break up areas of concrete, but would find a full-size jackhammer overkill, will love this demo hammer.

“Whether breaking up ground slabs or bringing down walls, you will get through a lot of material with this hammer. The soft, no-load feature reduces the motor to idle when there is no load on the bit. It’s essentially a soft-start-like feel which improves control and precision when using the tool.

“When using a chisel or similar bit you also have the option of 12 bit positions to get the perfect angle for the task you are working on by twisting the green collar near the drill-bit connection point.”

Looking at the 80V (40Vx2) Max Brushless SDS Max Demolition Hammer it almost looks a little space-aged, maybe from a scene in a movie when a comet is about to hit Earth. But its performance and features are what make this tool a real standout for heavy-duty demo work.

Visit: www.makita.com.au

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