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Makita LS002G – 40V Max Brushless AWS* 216mm (81/2 ”) Slide Compound Saw

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The 40V Max Brushless 216mm (8½”) Slide Compound Saw delivers high performance in a compact design. A 4800rpm cutting speed and constant speed control ensure the blade speed does not drop even in high-load applications. The LS002G is packed full of features with a rail-forward design, AWS* (Auto Wireless Start compatibility), electric brake, and ridged, extendable sub-tables.

The ultra-smooth rail design allows for minimal resistance when cutting and ensures the saw can be placed against a wall, maximising workspace. Also compatible with AWS technology, the saw features superior dust extraction. With dual extraction ports and a specifically designed blade case, the LS002G extraction rate is extremely efficient.

The electric brake provides additional safety, while the LED light casts a shadow line onto the material, displaying the exact cutting line and allowing the user to work more efficiently. The built-in sub-tables on this model have been redesigned to assist in stabilising longer pieces of material with a 750mm base when the tables are extended.

• Forward-rail design for smooth, precise cutting
• Expandable sub-table for improved stability when cutting long material
• Shadow line projects cut line onto work material
• Dual-zone dust-extraction por ts suppress dust scattering of wood chips
• Compatible with AWS for wireless connectivity with compatible dust extraction (requires optional wireless transmitter, also available in kit form)

RRP: $849 (tool only)

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