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Make Safe Manual Handling A Priority – On And Off Site

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Manual handling is made easier now with BOC’s take-anywhere folding trolleys specially designed for gas cylinders.

Available for D, E and G size cylinders, these stable, fully welded, twin trolleys are lightweight and robust, holding a maximum weight of 80kg (D size), 120kg (E size) and 200kg (for the G size, which comes with pneumatic wheels for easier manoeuvring).

These trolleys are ideal for securing gas cylinders, and the addition of handy tool trays and hose hooks means your gas-welding setup is secured and you’re ready to start.

These trolleys are covered by a 12-month conditional warranty and are available now from your local BOC Gas & Gear or online at www.boc.com.au.

Planning on transporting your gas cylinders offsite?
Make sure to follow some simple rules when handling cylinders, as safe transportation and storage of gas cylinders is essential.
• First, is your vehicle suitable for transporting gas cylinders? An open vehicle such as a utility provides the best ventilation
• Ventilation is the key to reducing the risk of fire or an explosion
• Always double check cylinder valves have been properly closed or leak checked before transporting
• Always disconnect equipment such as regulators, hoses and torches prior to transporting cylinders
• Always ensure flammable gas cylinders are in an upright position and make sure gas cylinders are properly restrained to prevent movement in transit
• Gas cylinders should be removed from the vehicle as soon as you reach your destination
• Gas cylinders should not be stored, or left in, an enclosed vehicle overnight or for long periods of time
• Avoid transporting flammable gas cylinders in enclosed vehicles.

For more information visit your local BOC Gas & Gear or go to www.boc.com.au or BOC Youtube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLHhd05p890.

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