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Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

by editor

The Magnasonic comes with five preset cleaning cycles and an automatic-shutoff option to make a functional, versatile jewellery cleaner. Just plug ’er in, dump the manky family jewels in there, and before you know it, Bob’s your non-genderspecific relation. After just a few seconds your swinging baubles emerge looking good and smelling great.

And if you’re the kind of person who handles the family jewels a lot, your eyesight’s probably a bit off the mark as well. As a bonus, you can chuck your specs in for a tub and have them ready for another session of print-and-squint in no-frickentime at all.

A durable and long-lasting stainlesssteel tank holds the cleaning fluid, cycles can be set at 90 seconds, 180 seconds, 280 seconds, 380 seconds and, for a really crusty, bad-smelling ring – y’know…roofers after a long day in the sun or welders in overalls in the summer – 480 seconds.

Kmart has them in stock for $39.99.

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