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Mac Daddy Million Dollar Lure

by admin

Before everyone gets all excited, we couldn’t find anywhere selling this lure, and we couldn’t find a price. It went on display at an American fishing expo, and that’s what it’s called: ‘Mac Daddy Million Dollar Lure’.

The company Mac Daddy has been making jewelled fishing lures for over 40 years and supposedly has customers around the world.

This lure is the same as those hooky little buggers covering the walls at BCF and hanging from trees and bushes alongside billabongs and rivers throughout FNQ, but instead of a plug of fibreglass painted in bright colours, the Mac Daddy’s just under 1.5kg of 14-karat gold and platinum studded with 4753 diamonds and rubies. It’s about 30cm long, and someone actually bought it and used it. The owner insured it first, and had all kinds of restrictions, but hoiked it overboard and gave it a run.

What kind of fish would you be chasing using a lure made of gold and platinum and studded with diamonds and rubies?

We guess it’d be gemfish.

Have a look at daddymaclures.com for heaps of other normal lures. Or bolt to the nearest tackle shop and get something sensible.

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