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Lift Your Game With The Kincrome Lifting Range

by editor

KINCROME offers the best range of Australian Standardscompliant, industrial-quality lifting equipment, backed by the best industrial warranty and spare parts in the business.

This comprehensive range includes:
• Garage jacks & trolley jacks: a huge range of sizes and weight ratings to suit just about every professional or DIY lifting application – from low-profile racing cars to heavy duty 4WDs and SUVs.
• Bottle Jacks: industrial quality. The exclusive design gives greater stability, optimum performance, unrivalled durability and features unseen on other jacks of this nature.

Jack Stands: featuring a precision, machine-welded design, ensuring increased strength and stability under load. Jack stands come in both pin and ratchet types, ranging from 1350kg – 5000kg.

Vehicle positioning jacks: make manoeuvring vehicles around the workshop quick, safe and easy. The ratcheting design is superior to hydraulic systems as it is significantly more durable, does not require annual hydraulic fluid replacement, does not blow seals, will not leak and can be stored on its side without the risk of airlock. For more information go to https://www.kincrome.com.au/lifting

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