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Less Shock More AWE With Fiskars

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As most tradies will know, a huge number of repetitive strain injuries can come from hammer-related use.

What you might not know is that number is actually 66%. The culprit behind these injuries are the shock and vibration that transfer through the hammer handle and into the user’s arm. It’s safe to say anything that can be done to reduce said vibration is going to be a massive benefit over the course of the days, weeks, months and years of your life as a tradie.

Welcome the Isocore Shock Control System range from globally renowned garden and kitchen brand, Fiskars.

These hammers feature a patented technology that captures the kinetic energy and vibration of every strike, reducing the impact felt by the user up to four times compared to a traditional hammer. Whether you’re a chippy or a weekend DIYer, the Fiskars Isocore range will improve your striking experience, one hit at a time.

The range features two claw hammers, one framing hammer, a club hammer, a sledge hammer, a maul and a mattock, all endowed with the industry’s best vibration-control system. The claw hammers are ideal to pull out nails easily and allow for more precision work. The framing hammers are longer and designed to be used for lengthier periods. The longer shaft allows more swing and thus efficiency, making it the perfect tool for both professional framers and the serious DIY enthusiast.

For more information visit http://www.fiskars.com.au

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