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LENOX Blades

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Matt Page of Matt Page Electrical says LENOX blades are the right choice for electricians.

Whether it’s rough-in or fit-off stage on the work site, there’s a long list of things that need to be reliable. Cutting blades are way up there on the list. Top-quality blades will give the best finish and will save time and expense. Faster-cutting and longer-lasting blades mean more money in tradies’ pockets at the end of the day.

Time’s Money

Hole-saws, recipro blades and cutting discs are all frequently used throughout a project, so good-quality blades are a must for all trades, especially electricians.

Hole saws are used regularly, cutting through materials like timber, metals and drywall. Having strong teeth that stay intact and sharp for longer is a must, especially when working on expensive finishes where the smallest of mistakes could end up costing a small for tune. LENOX hole saws allow fast and efficient cutting with superior finishes. The speed slot is also a great feature as it allows unplugging the materials from the hole saws with speed and ease, meaning jobs like cutting downlights can be done faster. On a job with 100 lights, that’s some serious time saved.


Demolition recipro blades are a good all rounder and work very well with nail-embedded timber. LENOX also have other great blades for metal and other materials, so the right blade for the job is always available. They cut extremely well and last longer, and that means using fewer blades during the project.

Grinder Blades

MetalMax blades are for all heavy-duty metal work.

Cutting steel switchboards, rebar, threaded rods, steel conduits or unit strut systems are all a breeze with MetalMax discs, and much better than standard abrasive blades which wear much quicker and are also more dangerous. The solid-steel wheel massively reduces the risk of breakage compared to a standard disc.

MetalMax is a great all-rounder in many different metal types, reducing the need for different abrasive discs for different metals, and has around a 30x longer wheel life rated for over 1000 cuts. That puts it at the top of any preferred blades list.

Matt’s View

I trust LENOX onsite with my electrical business. I know I can rely on their trade-superior quality blades. In the long run, I save money due to the blades’ longevity and my workers get through their cuts more efficiently. That’s excellent for productivity and the company’s wallet.

For more information visit www.lenoxtools.com.au

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