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Lego Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

by editor

How cool is this!

Not only do you get to build a ripping Lego tank-thing, but when it flips over it becomes an aerodynamic tracked racer. It’s got suspension, a cockpit and tracks on both vehicles, plus a truck bed on the exploration truck. An app on the phone works as a controller and switches screens when the model flips.

It must be the best Lego ever! That Hamish bloke on the Lego TV show should stop messing about with Sophie Spunk and The Prickman and get down to Big W with $169 and get himself one of these.

For crying out loud. Millions of kids around the world play with Lego for fun. Suddenly when TV ‘celebrities’ do it it’s supposed to be an intense and life-changing experience? FFS.

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