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LCD Probe Thermometer

by admin

Is this what the Aliens use?

It could be. We couldn’t find anything that said, ‘This is definitely not what the aliens use.’

Wild guesses and scary stories aside, this particular multi-purpose digital thermometer is designed for use in kitchens, labs, factories, workshops and barbeques. It measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit and fits in a pocket. In fact, it even comes with a pocket clip.


That reminds us of the bloke who went to the doctor for a check up. The quack brought in a Persian cat and sat it on the bloke’s chest. Then he led in a Labrador who barked a couple of times and left.

The doc handed over an invoice for $500 and said, “You’re fine.”

The bloke nearly fainted. “What’s the $500 for?” he asked.

The doc replied, “For the cat scan and the lab report.”

Grab a probe thermometer from the top blokes and sheilas at your nearest Jaycar for $10.95..

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