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Laundry Folding Board

by editor

We were excited when we saw there was a show called Big Bang Theory.

It turned out to be not what we expected, but there was a bloke in it who folded his washing using a hinged board that meant all his shirts were folded exactly the same. This seemed to get a lot of laughs, and now there’s hundreds of shops selling the same thing, a lot of them claiming to be the actual one used in the show.

They all looked very similar to us, but the prices varied a bit. We found one on an Aussie site for about $60, but then we saw Kmart had an example for $6.00, and except for a stencilled logo, we’re not sure there’s much difference.

Go get one if you’re the shirtfolding kind.

Watching the show didn’t change our own theory on a big bang. We’ve just modified it to allow for a Penny deposit.

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