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KÜSH Mini Steezer

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Küsh make electric scooters, and although the scooters themselves seem pretty cool, they’re not legal on Aussie crown land, and they seem to piss off a lot of people – people who aren’t riding them, of course.

Pushbike riders in particular seem to get all high and mighty when someone breezes past on one of these.

Right now Küsh is introducing smaller versions of the original Steezer scooter called, Austen Powers-style, ‘Mini Steezer’. Range from a charge is up to 30km, top speed is 25kph and it weighs in at 31kg, so it’s not going to frighten the bejesuzz out of the kiddies. The Mini will haul 120kg of rider though, so pretty much everyone can jump on and go, happy they’re doing the right thing by the beaut environment. If you can find somewhere legal to ride the things, they look like a lot of fun. We reckon they’d be brilliant as quiet transport to get to the dunnies at the caravan park, or maybe down to the river for a fish on a camping trip.

As we were writing this the Mini Steezer was available to preorder for $1250, but retail once they hit the stores should be around $1500.

Click on http://kushelectric.com to get one and find out more.

You’d reckon with all that knowledge of the latest technology Küsh could’ve found a decent photographer to shoot the things.

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