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Komine Domes

by editor

Storage is often at a premium at the WTW office. It seems like there’s just never enough room.

The editor recently discovered the Komine AK-103 Motorcycle Dome and kindly put one in the parking lot. You should’ve seen his happy little face when he flipped the Dome open, rolled his bike in and wandered off to his desk, free from worry about the weather or abrasive dust from nearby building sites.

The Komini Domes come in lots of sizes, are portable, can be fixed to the ground, or, so they stay portable, are supplied with a plate which lets the bike’s front wheel hold the whole thing in place.

We love how easy it is to use. Even with the ed’s bike inside there was heaps of space. While he was at his desk we found room for a few tools, some smelly chemical drums that have been hanging around for months and we couldn’t remember what they were for, and a roll of high-tensile barbed wire that’s been a real pest in the stairwell since someone’s cousin asked us to look after it for him (that poxy wire has ruined more T-shirts than an apprentice doing oil changes on the work vehicles. FFS).

And we haven’t even started hanging stuff from the supports yet!

These Domes are brilliant.
Check out the sizes and order from Zarkie.com.au. Prices run from $470 to $590, depending on size.

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