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KLEIN TOOLS enters the Aussie market with new line and cash splash!

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Klein Tools, the 157 year-old highly respected US hand tool manufacturer entered into the Australian market in November 2013 with significant financial support for industry and a strategic partnership with respected mining tool manufacturer, Mumme Tools.

Discussing Klein Tools’ product range, the vice president of international sales, James Van Huis said  “Klein offers a full line of electrical tool products, using only the highest quality materials and superior workmanship to continually deliver the best performing and longest-lasting tools.”

“With an estimated $19 billion market in electrical services, we know there is an enormous demand in Australia for a full line of superior tool products,” Van Huis added.
“Our partnership with Mumme Tools will allow us to meet that demand and surpass customer expectations for high-quality hand tools.”

The launch of Klein Tools in Australia coincided with the launch of a new line of insulated pliers and cable cutters. Made in the US, the pliers and cable cutters offer a multi-colour, sleek, comfortable design and are rated at 1000 volts.

Klein Tools also announced it has made a $125,000 tool donation to Master Electricians, and a $125,000 donation to the Australian Industry Group. The donations will benefit thousands of apprenticeship, trade and vocational training schools.
Adam Mumme, managing director of Mumme Tools said “Klein Tool’s commitment to quality manufacturing and service is consistent with our business philosophy to produce and distribute premium tools while providing excellent customer support.”

Get your Klein from L&H
Klein Tools is currently rolling out a large range of tools and accessories with Official Stockists of (ITALICS) WTW (END ITALICS), L&H Group. Contact [email protected] if you’d like to know when your nearest L&H will receive Klein products.

Made in the USAKleinStacked-Official-Black-w-Tagline-International
The majority of Klein tools are manufactured in seven plants throughout the United States and are a number one choice among professional electricians and other tradespeople. www.kleintoolsaustralia.com

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