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King Gee create a new range of boots specifically for Aussie Tradies

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K27750-Cook-Nubuck RRP $149

King Gee has launched a new range of work boots designed specifically with the Australian Tradie in mind. They recently combined the launch of the new boots with a interesting marketing campaign called ‘If you don’t like the boots, he gets the boot’. It’s aimed at the companies Boots manager Nicolas Gronier who came up with the new designs. The idea behind the campaign is that Mr Gronier is so confident you will like these boots he has placed his job on the line.  Quite how this will be officiated remains to be seen, but  we like it.

It’s a bold move and that’s exactly what WTW is all about making bold steps forward to achieve your goals in life.

Here is a statement from King Gee regarding their excellent new range.

“King Gee are serious about boots and to emphasise just how serious; King Gee have created a new boot specifically designed for the Australian tradie.

Well aware that the average Australian tradesmen endures problems such as ankle pain, back pain and toe damage from their ill-fitting and poorly made work boots – King Gee have addressed these all too common problems when developing their new work boot.

Featuring a wide profile steel toe cap, anti-microbial lining, maximum cushioning and TPU outsole for optimal abrasion, oil and slip resistance; the King Gee work boot provides the wearer optimal comfort and protection – ideal for any job site”
Have a look at the new boot range in the gallery below:


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