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Kincrome Lok-On Socket Sets

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So many trades use a socket set on an hourly basis. Some trades may not use them as frequently as that, but whatever your usage is, having a socket set – one you can trust – in your ute or van is a must. Kincrome LOK-ON socket sets claim to have been engineered beyond world-class benchmarks, exceeding all international torque and lifetime standards, so they are built tough and have earned pride of place with world-class tradies.

But one of the significant features we would like to show you is the LOK-ON sockets’ ability to loosen fasteners that have up to an 85% rounded or damaged head. Heads that almost look perfectly round, and your standard socket set would have absolutely no chance of loosening, are being effortlessly removed by the LOK-ON equipment.

We got a hold of a few different kits, and a pretty cool little test kit, to perfectly show the LOK-ON’s ability.

Test #1: Damaged Fastener Removal

On the test block, provided by Kincrome, we had two fasteners: one with a perfect undamaged head, and the other an 85% damaged/rounded head. We then had four different brands and types of sockets: a LOK-ON; a 6-point; a 12-point; and a spline (multipoint).

The test was pretty straightforward. The two fasteners were tightened, and each socket had the chance to undo them and prove their worth.

The first fixing, with the undamaged head, was unlikely to pose a challenge, and sure enough, all the sockets worked fine.

It was the next test that sorted the boys from the men.

The spline came into the ring first and attached itself over the fixing, but would only spin around and around, sliding with no traction, and didn’t loosen the fixing one bit. It was all round a pathetic performance.

Next, the 12-point gave same dismal result.

We hoped the 6-point could nudge it a little, but, nope. Another massive failure.

With all the others’ attempts failing dismally it was the LOK-ON’s turn, and lo and behold, the fixing began to loosen at the first turn. It was out in no time.

“What the..?” the rest of the bunch said. “But how..?”

LOK-ON was the winner. Some pretty serious R&D has gone into such a superior design.

  • Faster service work
  • More efficient
  • Less stress
  • Less swearing over damaged fixings

Test #2: Build Quality

The Kincrome LOK-ON socket sets are built exceptionally well and feel solid in the hands. The ergonomics on the ratchet-handle grip feel tremendous and using the tool is a pleasure. The case is also built very well, protecting your investment, keeping it safe for years to come. The sockets have that beautiful clean and crisp sound when being used and you can hear just how smooth and precise the mechanics inside are. These tools come with a lifetime guarantee as long as they have been correctly maintained, and inside the lid of the box is a QR code which, when scanned, gives all the info needed to ensure these babies last a lifetime.

  • LOK-ON loosens 85% of damaged fixings
  • Many different set configurations
  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent case

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

For me, getting to a service job and needing to remove fixings that were damaged and not having this LOK-ON socket set was absolute punishment. Not only was it a massive effort to remove them, but a gigantic waste of time and money when I could be doing better things. The LOK-ON socket set has changed my life for jobs like these. I’m getting the jobs done faster and more efficiently, and I am a lot calmer and swearing less.

The Kincrome LOK-ON sockets come in a vast range of different sets, in metric, imperial or both. There’s bound to be a set that will cater for your needs. It’s an investment, it’s a very good one, and to be honest it’s going to save you time, money and a whole heap of stress.

It’s time to retire my current set for home use and upgrade to the new Kincrome LOK-ON for the vans.

For more information visit www.kincrome.com.au

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