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Kincrome Jobsite Markers

by editor

Kincrome’s range of Jobsite Markers includes permanent markers, paint markers and highlighter markers, all made for use on the toughest jobs in the roughest conditions and with various tips available, including ultra-fine, fine, bullet and chisel.

With 17 options in the Kincrome marker range there’s a marker for every requirement and material, and the trusty permanent marker is a great place to start.

The quick-drying permanent ink writes on metal, concrete and timber, even when surfaces are oily, dusty or wet. It will even last up to 72 hours with the cap off, so if you forget to recap it on a Friday arvo, come Monday morning it’ll still be ready to go.

Paint markers are for writing on metal, glass, PVC, timber and tiles. The tips are durable and the ink is fast drying, making the markings bleed- and smear-resistant.

And then there’s the highlighters, go-to markers for highlighting plans and other specifications you don’t want to miss on paperwork. The markings are bleed- andsmear-resistant, and the marker will survive 8 hours with the cap off.

The permanent markers come in 4 colours: red, green, blue and black, and can be purchased in varied tip and colour packs, and in singles, three-packs, five-packs and 10-packs.

For testing I marked all three colours on timber, concrete lintels and even thin sheet metal. The ink flows beautifully and they are a joy to use. The concrete lintel was extremely porous and was a little powdery and dusty, and it was the only material the permanent marker struggled a little on. The results on timber and metal were perfect. I even wet up some timber to see how the marker would handle it, and it still worked reasonably well.

I had another brand of permanent marker laying around, so I tested it on the dusty concrete and wet timber and the Kincrome marker was a significantly better performer on both very challenging substrates.

Kincrome’s permanent markers are ideal for marking heights on shiny, hard surfaces like dinsel and structural steel frames.

Kincrome’s liquid paint markers reminded me of the Posca pens of my school days.

I tested them on the same metal & timber as the permanent markers, and the paint pens actually did better on the wet surfaces. Being able to use them on glass, PVC and tiles made for extreme versatility.

To get started you simply need to give the pen a few shakes, then depress the tip of the marker until the liquid paint soaks down the tip. It takes about 20 seconds or so.

The paint markers leave long-term markings. Those important numbers and levels needed to reference over the duration of a build or reno will stand up to the test of time.

Kincrome’s paint markers come in yellow, black & white.

With colours including yellow, green, pink, orange and blue, you won’t miss any important info once it’s been highlighted with these bright and colourful markers. Info on plans and documents will jump off the page.

For this test I grabbed a few receipts and other documents, and the markers were beautiful to use and made the info unmissable. My teenage daughters have since found the pens and it’s safe to say I will never see those highlighters again.

The variety of tips and colours, along with the quick-drying ink, are the standouts in this range, along with the variety of substrates you can easily and quickly mark. The ink flows well, and that means you won’t have to repeatedly go over your markings.

On the tricker substrates like the wet timber and metal, as well as the dusty concrete, as much as our test markings weren’t perfect, they were significantly better than the competitor product we tested, and I was surprised they performed as well as they did on these challenging wet materials.

Visit: www.kincrome.com.au

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