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Kincrome Jobiste Markers

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Kincrome’s range of Jobsite Markers are made for use on toughest jobs in the roughest conditions.

There’s 17 different options available across the range, including permanent markers, paint markers and highlighter markers, and with various tips including ultra-fine, fine, bullet and chisel.

There’s a marker for every requirement and material.

The quick-drying ink of the permanent maker writes on metal, concrete and timber, even when surfaces are oily, dusty or wet. The marker will even last up to 72 hours with the cap off. If it’s left out on a Friday arvo, it should still be good to go on Monday.

There are four colours available: red, green, blue and black, there’s a few different tips available, and they’re packaged as singles, three-packs, five-packs and 10-packs for the highend users.

There’s also a range of paint markers for writing on metal, glass, PVC, timber and tiles. The tips are durable and the ink is fast-drying, making the markings bleed- and smear-resistant. Give the marker a shake, press the tip a few times to get the paint flowing, and you’re off and running. Paint markers are great for markings which need to last a while, and Kincrome paint markers are available in yellow, black or white.

And then there’s the highlighters – go-to markers for highlighting plans and other specifications you don’t want to miss on paperwork. The markings are bleedand smear-resistant, and the marker will survive 8 hours with the cap off. And because one plan or set of notes may have a few different priorities and specs, the Kincrome highlighters are available in yellow, green, pink, orange and blue.

To learn more, visit kincrome.com.au.

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