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Kincrome Gear Spanners

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A great idea for faster, easier working, especially in tight or awkward spaces.

The key benefit of gear spanners is the ratcheting feature allowing increased working speed, eliminating the need to remove the spanner from the fastener after each turn. The narrow and thin head, combined with fine-gear tooth design, makes Kincrome gear spanners suitable for working in tight and hard-to-access areas where a ratchet and socket won’t fit.

Combined with ‘Fine Tooth’ and Peripheral Drive™ technology, Kincrome gear spanners are state-of-the-art.

Quality & Features

Kincrome Gear spanners are designed, developed and manufactured to not only meet the demanding needs of professional users, but also be the best gear spanners available. Therefore, Kincrome supports all its gear spanners with the Kincrome Lifetime Warranty.

Every Kincrome Gear spanner is expertly forged from Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V) steel with precision machined componentry and has been rigorously tested to out-perform and outlast the competition.

Key features of the Kincrome range of gear spanners are:

  • Thin head – for access in confined spaces
  • Peripheral Drive™ – prevents rounding by applying torque to the fastener’s flat sides, rather than the corners
  • Fine Tooth technology – precision machined teeth for as little as 5° of sweep without sacrificing strength
  • Storage case included.


The Kincrome range of gear spanners includes many styles and set configurations to cater for professional trade users:

  • Single-way gear spanners – versatile and cost-effective to cover most applications
  • Reversible gear spanners – eliminate the need to turn the spanner over when changing direction, allowing the user to complete jobs faster
  • Stubby reversible gear spanners – allow for greater access in hard-to-reach places
  • Ratcheting open-end gear spanners – incorporate an innovative ratcheting mechanism on the open-end of the gear spanner to allow easy access to fasteners that can’t be reached with the ring end. They also incorporate a single-way gear on the box end of the spanner
  • Flex-head gear spanners – single-way gear spanners incorporating a flexible head that can pivot up to 180° for increased access to fasteners in hard-to-reach spaces.

Learn more about the range, including the new, reduced pricing at http://kincrome.com.au

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