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Kincrome and CDR Yamaha

by editor

Earning respect and credibility takes time. Two Australian brands with heaps of both are KINCROME and CDR.

KINCROME was founded by the Burgoine family in 1987 and remains a family-owned Australian company today.

Initially a supplier of tools to the automotive aftermarket, KINCROME has grown to become a leading supplier of high-quality tools and equipment to the hardware, automotive and industrial markets across Australia and New Zealand.

While KINCROME has evolved over time, the company’s focus has remained consistent – delivering professional quality tools at an affordable price. That commitment has led to KINCROME becoming a trusted brand for professional tool users across multiple trades.

One very committed user of KINCROME equipment is another long-standing Australian success story, CDR Yamaha.

Starting in 1992, CDR Yamaha has set the benchmark for professional motocross teams in Australia. CDR continues to elevate standards as it begins each year’s busy racing season.

The team is Yamaha Australia’s factorysupported MX1 program and has proved to be a great partner of Yamaha and the impressive YZ450F. Under the management of former four-time Mr Motocross champion, Craig Dack, CDR Yamaha has become the longest-running and most successful team in Australian motocross and supercross, amassing over 40 national championships and playing a huge part in the development of some of the most decorated names in the sport. Chad Reed, Darryl King, Jay Marmont, Josh Coppins and more recently Dean Ferris are just a handful of riders who have passed through the CDR Yamaha team and had significant success.

In 2019 CDR Yamaha and Monster Energy joined forces under the racing banner of the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team and went out to secure more racing success as Luke Clout and Kirk Gibbs aimed at yet another MX National championship for the factory squad. The 2021 team of Luke Clout and Hayden Mellross have started the year in scintillating form as Clout leads the highly sought-after Pro MX championship after three rounds.

The years of experience in the team is matched by the love of the job, and CDR Yamaha will continue to be the team others are judged against.

Team principal Craig Dack has spent a considerable part of his life chasing motorsport victory, both in Australia and overseas, and he knows from experience both the rush of world-class racing and the commercial challenges facing anyone operating at a professional level.

“When fans turn up at the racetrack they are really coming to see the riders and that’s understandable,” said Craig. “They are the ones taking all the risks.

“But in order to win and to keep on winning, you need a fully functioning team – which means talented technicians. Their lives are made that much easier when they have high-quality tools at their disposal. Which is why we partner with KINCROME. Because a happy technician means a well set up bike that, in turn, breeds rider confidence – which can give him that edge he needs to beat the competition.”

The Chief Technician at CDR Yamaha, Gary Benn, is another member of the team with a lifetime of success in international motorsport and a long association with both Craig Dack and Yamaha. Being Chief Tech carries some heavy responsibilities, and Benn has very high standards both at the track and in the workshop.

“Kincrome has a wide range of tools and that allows our team to keep our race bikes immaculate,” he explained. “Plus, at CDR Yamaha we use KINCROME tool chests that ensure when our technicians need a tool they can find it – quickly,”

It’s a very comfortable fit for two Australian outfits like CDR Yamaha and KINCROME with similar aims and backgrounds to come together.

KINCROME is proud of its Australian origins, with many of its products designed in Australia incorporating input from local tool users. KINCROME products are also tested in Australia by a Melbourne-based quality team.

With more than 30 years of experience in tools, KINCROME’s extensive range of products are manufactured by some of the very best specialist manufacturers available in the world, and Craig Dack says that’s the same kind of commitment and aims that win big motorsport titles.

“The toughness of the tools is paramount because they cope with all sor ts of conditions,” said Craig. “In the rain, in the dust or in the mud…100% trust in the mechanics and their tools is very, very important.

“Things like torque wrenches, for instance. If we have to do something up at 12 newtonmetres, it needs to be 12 newton-metres. It can’t be 11. It can’t be 13.

“When I first started looking for a tool partner, the first bit of research I looked at was best possible quality. To me, when I think of KINCROME, the first thing that comes into my mind is a high-quality tool. The added bonus is that it was an Australian-owned company, and it’s a family-owned business still, and my team’s like a family. So it suits exactly the feel of our team. It’s very similar.

“KINCROME is more than a tool company. They’ve got such a wide range, and I don’t think there’s anything we need they don’t have.”

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