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Kimbo’s Shorts

by admin

This is serious, okay?

Apparently campers and outdoor types who need to answer the call of nature may be at serious risk when exposing their delicate extremities to the elements, and these shorts are considered by the manufacturer to be ‘vital equipment’.

Who knows what could happen? A rabid echidna could leap up and sink a quill into an unprotected bum cheek! And who hasn’t experienced serious shrivellage in cold environments?

To make the best of a tenuous situation, Kimbo’s shorts have a zip that goes all the way from above the cockpit, traverses the undercarriage and continues around the back past the departure lounge. Seeking relief in extreme conditions need never be an adventure again. Just grab that ripcord, drop out the landing gear and, ‘Bombs away!’ All in complete safety.

The duds are made with stuff called TRICOT, a lightweight, soft, durable fabric, and have a comfortable waist support with a venting/cooling technology. The machined nylon coil zipper is guarded by an internal-fly and an external pocket on lower right is there for ‘essentials such as cleaning tissues, iPod, feminine products, or a wallet’.

Geez. The Kimbo’s folks must approach crapping in the bush a whole lot differently to us. We’ve never needed a wallet.

Get a pair from www.superkimbos.com for around US$45.

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