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Keeps Cannabis Storage

by admin

Before everyone gets all bent out of shape, it’s not the bad, druggy cannabis we’re talking about here.

It’s the good, mediciney, hemp stuff that’ll need storing when Australia finally legalises it – a decision which will be driven, no doubt, by huge, multinational pharmaceutical companies who want to sell the stuff and who send politicians to the Bahamas to attend lectures about the benefits.

The new KEEP storage container for cannabis looks like a fancy digital clock, but opens to reveal storage spaces for different kinds of cannabis products and a rolling tray. We’re not sure why it’s necessary, but the locking system works via facial recognition or a data-encrypted app. If someone who isn’t you is trying to get into your stash – sorry! Your ‘prescription’ – you’ll get a notification. That’s a good thing for any medication which may accidentally fall into the hands of the kiddies (or greedy mates nosing about while you’re in the shower).

The KEEP container is a crowd-funded project, and as we wrote this it’s at 118% of its target finance, to which everyone involved said, “Woooow, man. That is so cool.”

You can pre-order now for USD$152 from www. discoverkeep.com

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