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Kango ZRO dustless drill bits

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Don’t feel dusty at work. Save that for Sunday morning.


Kango ZRO Dustless Drill Bits are a game changer, not only for health reasons, but also for reliability.

Kango is a leader in masonry and drilling applications and have taken the next step in innovation with their new ZRO Dustless SDS drill bits. These are sure to be a game changer, not only for health reasons but also for the improvement in dust removal from holes prior to fixing anchor systems. When you see how effective the Kango system is your lungs and your boss will be forever grateful. Silica dust is becoming more and more of a problem, with more and more cases of silica-related deaths and cancers every year. The US has now enforced strict laws concerning the drilling and cutting of masonry and it probably won’t be long until Australia does too. This is where the Kango system is really going to be huge.

You may think of it as a gimmick, but it was actually pretty impressive, and I’ll definitely be investing in some for my health and productivity onsite.

The SDS bit has two large suction holes just above the cutting tip which suck dust up through the shaft and into your vacuum/ dust extractor. Drilling overhead and getting a face full of dust will be a thing of the past. The Kango design also allows for greater vision when drilling holes when compared to bulky vacuum attachments. As the attachment is closer to the tool as opposed to the point of drilling so your vision isn’t obscured. The Kango bits are extremely accurate and durable, which is no surprise considering they are made in Germany.



Essentially no dust from start to finish.

Kango ZRO Dustless Drill Bits replace the need for bulky vacuum attachments that often fill up too quickly and constantly need to emptied. The Kango ZRO Dustless Drill Bits themselves drilled extremely well in the concrete. They drilled exactly where I wanted to start and didn’t slide off the mark.

But the impressive part was how much suction comes from the drill-bit end. It felt as if the holes would be too small to suck all the debris, but it was pretty amazing. The holes could be placed with absolute precision and most importantly there was zero dust left behind.


To show how well these worked, we drilled side-by-side down into concrete. With normal SDS bits the pile of dust would grow higher and higher, and we’d usually need to remove the bit to ‘breathe’ from time to time and clear the hole. And at the finish a fair bit of dust always fell back into the hole, so for chemical fixing you have to brush the hole out 4-6 times before installing chemical or mechanical anchors.

But take a look at the Kango ZRO. There was essentially no dust from start to finish. Nothing to brush away and no holes to clean out. Once the hole was drilled it was ready for chemical or mechanical fixings.

So a step was eliminated from the process. It was enhanced productivity at its best and the completed job was better.


Very quick to set up and easy to use.


The Kango ZRO Dustless Drill Bits were a pleasure to use. Not just because of the way they controlled dust, but also because they were actually exceptionally good at drilling. The 4×90-degree head geometry prevented hooking into rebar, and another bonus of the suction holes was that they sucked all the hot air away from tip to reduce heat build up. That will mean bits will work better for longer.

Kango SDS bits are also PGM-certified for accurate and dimensionally correct holes.

It’s a real no brainer using the Kango ZRO dustless drilling bits. Not only will you help prevent silica hazards for yourself and others, but you’ll actually be buying an extremely durable and accurate SDS bit that provides safer and more secure anchoring of structures. Recommended highly! Go test one for yourself.

Visit www.kangotools.com.au

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