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Kango 330mm Stainless-Steel Plaster Trowel

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Professional plasterers will appreciate the features of the Kango 330mm stainless-steel plaster trowel.

Being pre-shaped and pre-worn, it’s ready to deliver great results and save you time on the job immediately.

The stainless-steel blade resists rusting and lasts around 25% longer than standard steel blades. It’s also up to twice as fast to clean between jobs. The blade’s square edge is designed to achieve a smooth, flat finish…every time you use it.

This trowel is also handy in prep work when used to fill nail indents and architrave gaps, and the blade edge is ideal for scraping away dried plaster or flaky paint.

The ergonomic, thick rubber handle delivers great feel and balance.

Get a professional finish on every job with the 330mm stainless-steel plaster trowel from Kango.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse.

For more information visit www.kangotools.com.au.

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