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Jollyhola Mask

by editor

There’s always the danger you won’t be the most knob-ended looking goose on the worksite, but we reckon with a Jollyhola mask you’ll always be a frontrunner.

It’s not so much the look of the thing – it actually looks like it’d work well – but the way jollyhola.com describes it.

‘Communication is very important and it has more impact when it is visual,’ says the website, apparently believing some words being in italics make the whole pitch more intense and credible.

It goes on to say others being able to see your face will help reduce anxiety and the Super Protective Face Shield helps with everyday communication.

It’s even ‘made of eco-friendly protective polycarbonate lens’.
It’s a pity the thing didn’t do something to improve the company’s grammar, and we’d love to see more information on how producing a sheet of plastic can be ecologically friendly.

We think it looks like a large, space-age condom to be worn over the face, and that makes it entirely suitable for dickheads.

We should get one for the editor.
Order from jollyhola.com and expect to pay about US$28.00 delivered to Aus.

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