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JLM Plumb’N’GasFit Takes A Step Forward

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Runnig full steam ahead, even against the challenging COVID-19 landscape, is JLM Plumb’N’GasFit.

No one day is ever truly the same when the work schedule includes anywhere between four and eight plumbing jobs. One such day saw owner and operator Justin Moore start in Diamond Creek in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, working on a community project turning an old Melbourne M-Class tram into a community-run café. He then ducked off to Christmas Hills for a roof repair; and after that, he was up to his elbows fixing a leaking shower in Eltham.

Right For The Job

Established in 2016, JLM Plumb’N’GasFit has since grown to include a trusted crew. Together, they’ve overseen the full spectrum of jobs, from unexpected emergencies to urgent projects.

One of Justin’s more memorable call- outs was at a house with a blockage from a botched DIY job. He had to crawl under the house…and ended up covered in sewage from the busted pipe. Despite that, he got the job done.

Being on call for such emergencies means Justin needs to be prepared and ready to go. To do that, he needed sturdy, reliable transport that would get him and all his equipment from point A to point B, while being versatile and compact enough to navigate both busy, tight, suburban streets and off-road tracks.

For Justin, his ute wasn’t quite cutting it. It was constantly pushed to its limits, especially in regard to payload and weight issues. Fuel efficiency was suffering as well. That was when Justin saw the NLR 45-150 Servicepack X from Isuzu’s Ready-to-Work range and thought, “This is exactly the vehicle I’m looking for.”

Ready For Anything

Explaining his preference for the Servicepack X, Justin said, “It’s a cross between a ute and a van. But it’s not creepy like a van, and it’s just far better than a ute. The Servicepack X makes perfect sense.”

Featuring Isuzu’s two-pedal, fully automatic AMT, a genuine Isuzu bulbar, reversing camera and a rugged, pre-built service body – covered by a factory-backed three- year warranty and three-year roadside assist– the NLR Servicepack X offered efficiency and peace of mind for Justin.

But Why a Truck Instead of Sticking with a UTE?

Justin replied, “The biggest issue with my ute was space and weight.

“With the nature of my work, at any given time I’ve got to have hand tools, power tools, fittings and parts on hand. A lot of them are brass or copper, so that starts to add up in weight. On top of that, I have to bring with me a high-pressure water-jet set-up for cleaning sewers.

“I need to be able to have everything on me all day, without the vehicle putting up a struggle…I just can’t afford to constantly go to and from suppliers to get materials.

“I need to be a mobile workshop – to be able to pull up to any job and solve the issue immediately.”

And with 4500kg GVM and 8000kg GCM, Justin’s NLR 45-150 Servicepack X all but eradicated the weight issues he was experiencing with his ute, opening new doors for the business.

No Stress

Not only that, the Isuzu NLR 45 -150 Servicepack X can be driven on a car licence, meaning neither Justin nor his crew require a truck licence. And the cherry on top? The NLR 45-150 is as easy to drive and as comfortable as any ute on the market.

“Not having to go through a truck- licence course is great, because that’s less downtime for the business.

“This truck means anyone can jump in it and start driving, and it feels just like driving a car,” added Justin. JLM Plumb’N’GasFit now takes on jobs beyond Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs, and Justin finds himself having to travel more than 800km a week on all types of terrain.

Describing the roads he’s got to navigate, Justin said, “A lot of dirt roads…rural, off- the-track lanes; driveways that are borderline four-wheel drive tracks; farm properties across paddocks; and plenty of freeway.

“The truck gets a flogging and still keeps going.”

And with the NLR’s AMT Justin can operate in both fully automatic and clutchless manual, controlling his truck exactly the way he wants it, depending on the type of road and gradient he’s on – adding another layer of confidence when putting newer drivers in the truck.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t bother getting utes again…I’d be putting my crew in an Isuzu truck,” Justin said.

“A lot of things still surprise me 10 years into plumbing. I’m constantly learning and having to problem-solve.

“But when it comes to the Isuzu truck, there’s no doubting or stressful thinking required.”