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Jamec Pem Flexgrip Tray and Belts

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There must be 1001 scenarios where a tradie needs a protective surface between tools and the pristine materials being worked on or near – things like new flooring, benchtops and so forth.

In the same instance, there are just as many tasks where, if you put tools down on a slippery or angled surface, they will simply slide away into the abyss never to be seen again.

The team at Jamec Pem has come up with a great product: the Flexigrip tray.

It’s the perfect solution for both these examples, and after giving it a thorough test in several situations, I must admit I’m a convert to this great pfinish in the engine bay of a car. The plastic engine cover was smooth and curved, but again, the tray didn’t slip an inch, and it did give me the perfect area to store the screws and clips I was removing. That meant I didn’t lose a single one down into the engine bay.

The flexible, grippy material is a unique, food-grade silicone blend which grabs securely to basically any clean surface. It’s perfect for handling tools, and with its divided sections, it’s brilliant for holding smaller screws, drill bits and accessories. The fact it protects the surface you’re working on and will securely hold all your items in place, even on curves or angled areas, makes this tray a winner, winner, chicken dinner.


  • Grip to most cleaned smooth, flat or curved surfaces
  • Protect delicate sur faces from scratches
  • Keep tools and small parts together while working in awkward positions
  • Resistant to indirect heat of up to 200 degrees
  • Easy to clean
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Available in three sizes

It actually makes for an excellent food tray as well. I opted for chips, dips, olives and sun-dried tomatoes in mine. All perfectly separated on the world’s best snack tray.


Test 1: Grip

First, I wanted to test one of the product’s big claims.

The food-grade silicone is a vital part of the tray, and to the touch the silicone actually feels a little tacky. Not sticky, but tacky. It’s very flexible, yet holds its shape and form exceptionally well.

I have a curved nib wall next to some stairs at my place. It curves from horizontal over to vertical, and it’s made from concrete only half as wide as the larger tray itself. I thought it would be the perfect test for grip and holding support. If the tray was too soft it would fold over on itself and everything would end up on the ground. Also, if the product wouldn’t grip on the concrete, it would slide off.

I placed the tray on the curved surface expecting it to slide off the concrete, but it stuck like glue. I thought for sure the tools, accessories and fixings would end up scattered across the ground, but the tray stuck to the concrete wall and the tools stuck to the tray.

The next test was on a much smoother finish in the engine bay of a car. The plastic engine cover was smooth and curved, but again, the tray didn’t slip an inch, and it did give me the perfect area to store the screws and clips I was removing. That meant I didn’t lose a single one down into the engine bay.


  • Stay strong and flexible in hot and cold conditions
  • Resistant to UV, heat and abrasions
  • Oil-, petrol-, thinner- and acetone-resistant
  • Maximum working load of up to 40kg
  • Nonslip
  • Available in three sizes and a joiner

Test 2: Protection

I’m sure all tradies at some stage have put down a tool or fixing and accidentally caused a scratch, mark or indent on a finished material. The Flexgrip tray is the perfect platform to store required items on when working in a critical environment. The silicone’s protective qualities are high, even though it’s only 2mm or 3mm thick and soft to the touch. You could literally accidentally drop a hammer or impact driver onto a tray on a timber floor or benchtop and it would prevent any scratching or damage. Test 3: Flexgrip Belts

Another excellent product we put through its paces was the Flexgrip belt, made from a high-performance elastomer and designed to wrap, hang, lash and grip just about anything. If you have ever nearly lost an eye to a snapped occy strap, you will be very impressed with this new style of strapping product.

The belts are perfect for strapping power leads up off the floor, securing items to roof racks and keeping hoses neatly bound together. These babies are resistant to Australia’s extreme UV, heat and harsh conditions have a maximum working load of up to 40kg.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The beauty of these products is their versatility. There are just so many unique ways and places you can use the trays and belts.

After doing some research, I even found some very cool videos of painters using the trays with separate colours in the individual sections and mechanics with oils and degreasers in the different sections. The videos also showed how the trays were super easy to clean.

I loved the fact it would make the perfect lunch tray as well. I’ll never lose a sausage roll off my lap onsite ever again.

I can’t think of a single trade that wouldn’t have significant use for these products.

For more information visit www.jamecpem.com

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