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Jack Attack

by admin

So, you’ve heard about Mangrove Jack… You might’ve even seen photos of this secretive and toothy critter in Barramundi magazines and videos. An estuary fish from the north, Jacks are the Barra’s angry little siblings and they dominate waterways not too far from where you live and play.

Monster Jacks have long gone about their business with all the advantages and dominance to keep their identity hidden from even the keenest fishermen.

“Big Reds” know every trick in the book, and more-than-not leave the most experienced anglers cursing their cunning escapes. Catching Jack is the most thrilling and demanding experience any estuary fisherman can have.

Join me on a journey and learn my top 10 tips to netting the King of the estuaries.


10 Tips to Capturing the Estuary King

#1 Right Place, Right Time

#2 Match the Hatch

#3 Find the Adventure, Find the Fish…

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